Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? Plan!!!!<br/> Today I’m going to plan the production of the sound effects I’m going to make for my point and click, flash adventure game I’m making for my other assignment. To do this I need to consider the things that I have already looked at in the previous two weeks: The psychology behind sound in games, where it is used to in games most effectively and the technical side to editing sound.<br/> The rules for my game that will also affect the sounds that I can produce are that it must contain anything explicit, hatful or obscene and therefore be suitable for all ages. That it must be produced in flash, meaning that the sounds must be compatible with flash and that it must not exceed 20MB in size, meaning that I must choose the file type, bit depth and sample rate accordingly to allow for all my sounds to fit in. it must all also be my original work.<br/> So the mission is to identify what sound effects I want and how I’m going to get them. Here we go:<br/> • The sound of something bouncing of things– This is for the very beginning of my game as part of the introduction when a piece of scrunched up paper hits a bin and then hits the hero. Because it’s at the beginning these sounds need to set the tone of the game, fun, cartoon superhero themed hobo. Although it is paper and it wont make much sound, I’m going to use uncharacteristic sounds like you’d expect in a cartoon. I will record metal on metal, high pitched pinging sounds from a bell. Experimenting with where I put the mike like inside the bell or even on it.<br/> • Un-Scrunching paper sound - The paper that will be opened to reveal a news article. I can experiment with different thicknesses of paper to get a crispier, sharper sound than what a normal news paper would sound like. Remember this is a cartoon like, over-exaggerated game.<br/> • The sound for when the hero enters the bank and gets kicked out – you don’t see any of the struggling that happens when our hero gets thrown out of the bank so the sounds must tell the story. I could pay a really smelly crazy man that thinks he’s a superhero to run into a bank and record what happens but unfortunately I don’t know anyone of threat description that will be willing to help and I don’t think I have enough time to what for it to happen naturally so I’m going to record someone going into a room and banging some things around.<br/> • The three hobo boxes – These are going to use sound as part of puzzle so they must have there own original sound. For this I will record a kind of moaning grunt and then edit it to create three different pitched versions for the 3 different boxes<br/> • The opening of the mad scientists skip/lab – This is supposed to be an epic, revealing part of the story so a lot of time, and possibly space, should be put into making this one sound good. I’ll need an air being released sound to simulate hydraulics; I can release the air from a tyre to achieve this. I’ll need the sound of rusty joints that you might find on a rarely opened secrete, medal door. I could record a garage door opening and some rusty metal sounds from an old bike.<br/> • The sound of a fan – These next few sounds are needed to act as positive feedback to the player letting them know that they have clicked on an item that will help them. For example in a part of my game you will be required to turn on a fan. I will need to record the sound of a fan starting. I could make it more interesting by recording it when it is moving from left to right.<br/> • The sound of a plate being placed – I’ll just record the sound of a plate being placed. In my game it is being placed on the bar of a pub which would be made of wood so I will need to record it being placed on wood to get the right sound. I also should record it in the same acoustic environment as the fan as they will be in the same room in the game and I don’t want one sounding like it’s in the middle of a hanger and the other like it’s in a cupboard.<br/> • The sound of a horse race on TV – To achieve this I will watch a race on mute and record myself, or most likely somebody else, commentating on it. For the rumbling horses in the background I will record a few people softly banging their fists on a table.<br/> • Beep for a button – over exaggerated of course. I’ll just make the sound vocally and edit it to perfection later.<br/> • Some sort of sweeping sound for when you pick up items – Also made vocally and edited later if needed.<br/> • Rat sound – Also made vocally and edited later if needed.<br/> • Slipping person sound – I could use a sliding whistle followed by some sort of thud, created by using a huge bag hitting the floor.<br/> • (From level that may be scraped) cat, dog, birds and bush rustling - I will simply record a cat, dog, birds and bush. I will rustle the bush.<br/> • Scanning sound for gun- I will record my scanner . . . when it’s scanning and maybe add some vocal “pewing” to make it more interesting and high tech.<br/> • Door opening – To make doors more interesting and enhance the comical, cartoon, upbeat feel I’m going to have a sound effect for each door that represents what is going to be inside it. There are only 3 doors in my gamer so this shouldn’t be too hard. The bank will make a caching sound. I can use an old type writer to get this sound. The pub will have a “last orders” bell sound. I can use a bell for this and for the secrete bank office door where the alien banker is I can use the alien sound that I make for its voice later.<br/> • Screwdriver screwing – for this I want to experiment with either squeaking or cranking sounds. I could get weird squeaking sounds by rubbing dry sprouts together and cranking sounds form various different tools.<br/> • Alien shield going down and up – I will record this vocally.<br/> • Alien sound – I will record this vocally.<br/>